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Do you know what flower is really the flower of love?

Do you know what flower is really the flower of love?

It's the Agapanthus. Its scientific name is Agapanthus and its etymological meaning derives from the Greek agape meaning love and anthos meaning flower. All varieties of Agapanthus come from South Africa, even in some places they are called African lilies. This genus is composed of 250 species with the same name as a compendium because in 1998 Wim Snoeijer published it in his treatise on the genus Agapanthus and also thanks to the genetic analyzes that were done in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew (UK) .

According to the rainfall regime associated with the plant or the natural environment in which Agapanthus lives, it has perennial varieties and deciduous varieties.

Currently they sell very well in florists to make centers and bouquets, Holland is one of the largest producers and exporters of Agapanthus as a cut flower, but has uses at the botanical level. It is ideal as a garden plant, but we must be careful with the snails because he loves Agapanthus.

If we want to cultivate it, we should know that we can plant it outdoors but protect it from the sun because in its natural habitat they are born at the foot of trees to take advantage of its shade and in temperate climates. Tolerates the cold but we should also protect it a bit in winter and enter them inside or at least to a place that is covered.

The soil must be well drained and fertile. Plant it a few centimeters deep and always in spring. Regarding irrigation, it must be abundant in summer but in winter it is necessary to dose because the soil takes longer to dry. Plant it in large pots because the roots can break the pot if they do not have space. Do not forget to fertilize it with a fertilizer with low nitrogen content.