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Blue roses - history and meaning

Blue roses - history and meaning

The passion felt for this flower has led to want to be able to get roses of all possible colors and today, we want to tell the story of the beautiful blue roses. Have you ever had one in your hands? 

How have the blue roses appeared?

The beautiful blue roses have appeared in our lives thanks to genetic engineering. This rose color did not exist before, it was in the first years of the XXI century when they were able to create blue roses.

Getting blue roses naturally is very complicated, this makes them become very desirable and special flowers.

They were created because consumers began to demand a lot of blue roses. They are very peculiar flowers that attract a lot of people.

Looking for blue roses, it was found that the pigment that gives blue color to vegetables is delphinidin. From this discovery began to try, first in carnations and then in roses. This process ended up being a success and in 2004 the first blue roses were genetically modified. After this, they started selling and ended up getting blue roses preserved.

In Fiorence we are fascinated by roses and we have seen that blue roses create a great debate around them. Do you prefer classic roses or blue roses? The blue roses are very striking and romantic but it is that the classic colors have our hearts stolen too, we do not decide!

Meaning of blue roses

Blue roses have several meanings and the truth is that if they seem beautiful with their meanings, they will make you fall in love even more.

One of the most beautiful meanings they have is that they are the symbol that impossible dreams can be achieved.

They also symbolize liberating feelings, confidence ... This makes giving blue roses always a very good option.

If you also want to show your love, with blue roses you can do it, they represent eternal love and the hope of achieving a difficult or impossible love.