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The daily care of roses

The daily care of roses

Daily care

It is highly recommended to repeat daily or at least every two days, the tasks described in the first section: the oblique cut of the stem, the cleaning of the vase and the change of water.

With the first, it is possible to eliminate the parts of the bouquet that are losing life, while cleaning the container guarantees that there is no impurity either inside the receptacle or in the water. If possible, it is better to do these chores early in the morning or immediately before sunset.

Roses are fragile beings and any protection will be welcome. Therefore, diluting an envelope or a nutrient tablet in water is very beneficial for them. If you can, we recommend you ask at your nearest florist, where they will indicate according to the floral genus which is the most suitable preservative for your bouquet.

It is possible that, as the days go by, some leaf stem or even a petal will come off the set. In these cases, the remains of the water must be removed immediately.

Finally, it should be noted that, like all objects in the house, the bouquets of roses also pick up dust and dirt. You can remove these impurities with a dry sponge, sliding it gently through the petals of the bouquet of roses.

Caring for them to last longer

Remember that the most important thing is to pamper the bouquet day after day without forgetting it, since an oversight can forever condemn that precious gift you have received.

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