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Get your roses

Get your roses

When you receive them

The bouquets of roses are delicate and need to breathe outdoors. Once you receive the gift at your home, you should hurry to arrange it in a suitable container.

Roses always have to be with water. For this reason, and to favor water absorption, the lower side of the stems should be cut one or two centimeters. The cut must be clean and oblique. It is recommended to use a knife without a saw so as not to damage the stems.

Executed this task, have a vase of a size close to the length of the stems. It must be clean, and if it has been disinfected with bleach, the better. It is also recommended that it be composed of translucent materials such as glass.

Then, you have to fill the container with fresh water, calculating the amount according to the proportion of the stems that make up the bouquet. Then, introduce the roses into the vase taking into account that neither the leaves nor the petals should touch, at the very least, the liquid. Only the stems will be submerged in the water, since these are the ones that will be in charge of absorbing the liquid and transmitting it to the flowers.

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