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Do you know what flower they call the painter's brush?

Do you know what flower they call the painter's brush?

The flower of liatris, they are beautiful because they are different, they are plumositas, before opening they are like tight spikes of about 80 cm high where they are hidden in small balls, some original flowers, between 3 and 18 flowers, with tubular crown, which they open and dry from top to bottom.


The flowers can be violet or white. The plant is herbaceous and perennial. Its leaves with fine and remind us of the lawn. It comes from the United States, there it grows naturally in the meadows. It blooms in summer and the flowers endure until the beginning of autumn. It is a fairly durable plant, withstand even cold droughts but as long as they are settled. It is advisable to water it almost daily but little, and we will be able to maintain a large plant with beautiful flowers for many years. If you want to cultivate it, you must know that it needs a soil rich in humus, and that it wants a lot of sun, but tolerates partial shade. 

You have to plant the roots so that the yolks are flush with the ground. If you already have plants it is good that you let the flowers fructify and deposit their seeds in the ground, so that new plants grow and also serve as food for birds. By the way, these flowers love butterflies. 

In floristry, it is widely used as a cut flower to make centers that require height. It is also believed that its root relieves spasms of the intestinal smooth muscle, it is curious that one of its names in English is colic root which means "root for colics". It is a plant diversified in 140 species, all of them very original. We suggest that once the flower is dry you can reuse it, apply a glue spray and mix it with other dried flowers to create an autumnal center.