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We appreciate your preference and allow us to inform you about some important points to consider during your visit to and it’s sister pages.

With the aim of offering a safe and pleasant environment for our clients and visitors, we’ve established rules and terms under which the areas of responsibility and rights, both of Fiorence® and of our visitors, are defined.

To provide a better service, our customer service hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.

Fiorence delivers flowers Monday through Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. On Sundays and holidays there are NO flower delivery services, however, if you require a special delivery on Sundays or holidays, ask us and send us an email to or call us at 01 800 087 2800 (free call) or 409 0891 to analyze if it’s possible to make the delivery of your flowers.

This portal is only for delivery in Ciudad de Puebla y Cholula (San Pedro, San Andrés), Cuautlancingo, Sanctorum, Momoxpan, Ocoyucan, San jerónimo caleras, San Pablo Xochimehucán, San Francisco totimehuacán. 

You can also check the shipping cost for Atlixco, Chachapa, Tlaxcalancingo, Coronango, San Pablo del Monte and Amozoc. If you wish to send to the rest of the Republic visit, if you want international deliveries visit

Way to pay

Fiorence® has contracted the services of 2checkout ( through which 2checkout is authorized to charge for the products sold by Fiorence®. 2checkout has advanced data verification systems for the collection of Internet transactions via credit card.

Credit cards accepted at Fiorence® through 2checkout: Mastercard, Visa, American Express.

The charge to your credit card will be made in AMERICAN DOLLARS, by the company 2CHECKOUT and in your account statement will appear IN YOUR STATE 2CO OR 2CHECKOUT. ( This company is a world leader in banking transactions on the Internet. You must receive A SECOND E-MAIL with the transaction number charged to your card, THIS NUMBER IS YOUR PROOF OF PAYMENT.

Deposit or Bank Transfer. If you decide to pay with bank deposit or electronic transfer, please send us your file by email ( or by Whatsapp at 222-616-5693 or 222-598-1882. Account # 10-77-14-21-93

** Your order will not be processed until the transfer is completed. In case you have transferred from a different bank to the ones we handle, this can take up to 48 business hours. Please take your precautions.

BANK OF AMERICA. If you decide to pay through Bank of America please do so 1 day in advance and send your proof of payment by email ( or by Whatsapp to 222-616-5693 or 222-598-1882. Account # 10-77-14-21-93

AMEX: Contact us at 01 800 087 2800 or +52 222 409 0890

Shipping Policies

Cost of shipping: For the sending of your flowers and gifts, an additional cost is charged.

Correct data: The delivery data must be completely correct, including telephones with a lada key, address and colony, postal codes. We will verify the delivery data.

Any error in this data will delay the delivery or finally prevent your gift from being sent (In these cases, NO reimbursement applies)

Delivery in public places: We don’t deliver gifts in public places. We also don’t deliver to students during class time.

Delivery in companies and businesses: We aren’t responsible for the policies that each business or company has for the delivery of gifts to their employees, please carefully review our policies in this regard:

- In many cases, companies don’t let our delivery people go inside their facilities. Therefore we ask you to make sure that this is possible or that you give us specific instructions on who should receive your flowers.

- In other cases, there are companies that don’t allow their employees to receive gifts or personal packages. We ask you to make sure that this is allowed before buying.

- There are companies that receive the packages but these are destined to warehouses and warehouses, therefore, they don’t arrive directly in the hands of the recipient. We ask you to insure directly in the company and make all the necessary arrangements so that your gift is delivered to the recipient.

In any case, refunds don’t apply for merchandise sent and not received. Additional costs may apply for retry retry or change of delivery address.

Delivery schedule:

For Flowers and Gifts: For delivery from 9 am to 2 pm it is necessary that you place your order one day in advance. Orders ordered for the same day and received before 2 pm will be scheduled for delivery from 3-7 pm, otherwise they will be scheduled for the next business day. Only in exceptional cases can orders be delayed for reasons beyond Fiorence's control. We appreciate your understanding and patience. On special dates such as February 14 and May 10 deliveries will be during the day, we can NOT guarantee a special schedule.


• The delivery of orders in addresses in other States or International is not available.

* Confirmation of delivery will be available on the next business day with respect to the date you requested the shipment. (On dates such as February 14 or May 10 may take more confirmation.)

Substitution Policies

Please read our replacement policies carefully:

- In case of gifts added to flowers, such as chocolates and stuffed animals, the design may vary. In any case we will try to put articles of equal or greater quality, size or content.

In case of flower delivery:

- Our flowers are delivered directly by Fiorence.

- In arrangements or bouquets of mixed colors, we will always try to use flowers that contain these colors, even replacing some type of flower that have a similar or higher value to the one you ordered.

- In arrangements and bouquets of a single type of flower, we will always try to send your selected type of flower, but it can be substituted by another color if there is no availability.

-       - On MONDAY days it is very common for florists to receive fresh flower supplies, however, this does not always arrive in the first hour. Therefore, some deliveries may be delayed on MONDAYS.


- If the vase, basket or base shown in the catalog are not available, will be sought or replaced by a similar one, of equal or better quality according to the materials normally used in the delivery city, said materials may be glass, ceramic or handmade clay

- We will always seek to deliver your order on time. Therefore it may be necessary to replace or change some aspects of your order to achieve it, always seeking to match or improve our offer. In case of candybouquets, gourmet baskets, fruit baskets and gifts.

- If necessary and due to lack of availability, we will replace the contents of the product shown in the image to ensure timely delivery of your gift.

In any case, we will try to communicate with you first by e-mail and in case of not having an answer in time we will do it by phone to inform you about the necessary changes in your order. We will try to do it with enough time for you to respond in time.

However, if your contact information is not correct in such a way that it is not possible to contact you, the replacement will be done automatically or we can also retain your order.

SPECIAL NOTE for users of HOTMAIL, YAHOO and other programs that use anti SPAM tools:

If your email account is HOTMAIL, YAHOO, GMAIL or other free email services, all our emails, both the copy of your order, and confirmation of your payment and even subsequent mails may be diverted to your anti-spam SPAM (or unsolicited mailbox).

This is not in our hands to avoid it, therefore we ask you to carefully verify your mailbox. And we also recommend making the necessary adjustments to allow our emails to be accepted.

Payment Policies

Please read our payment policies carefully:

- We remind you that even if you have paid at the store and your credit card has been charged, as a security measure the bank tells us if we should verify the payment directly with you because of any difference in the information provided. Thus, we take care that nobody uses credit cards improperly. If there is any situation with your payment, we will contact you as soon as possible.

- Your order will only be processed until we have registered your payment, please make sure that your fax or mail with your payment confirmation is already registered.


We gladly invoice you for your purchase, you should only request it immediately after finishing your purchase (the same day), please send us an email to with a copy of your RFC.

We have selected as our electronic invoice provider. Through this service we can make an electronic invoice with all the fiscal validity in Mexico according to the legal norms of the SAT and with a very high level of electronic security. This allows us to deliver your invoices in a matter of minutes and you can print it from your computer, streamlining the processes of preparing and sending your invoices.

Use of the site

• The information, data, software, photographs, images, graphics, videos, logos, names, commercial notices and any other material within the site (all this known as "content"), is reviewed and updated periodically. However, said content is offered without any express or implied warranty. Fiorence® assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the information provided by third parties unrelated to us. In no case shall Fiorence® or its affiliates and subsidiaries be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages resulting from the use or performance, errors or omissions in the material, even if it is notified in advance that said damages may occur.


• When the user's conduct is contrary to Fiorence®'s interests, Fiorence® reserves the right to deny the service, cancel shipments and settle accounts or memberships for its consideration.


• There will be no tolerance for the user whose behaviors inhibit the cordial coexistence between individuals on our site. It is not allowed to transmit through Fiorence® messages of racial, defamatory, profane, threatening, discriminatory, vulgar, obscene, sexual, or contrary to good uses and customs.


• This website was developed for commercial use, information, communication and entertainment; Any other activity or use is strictly prohibited.

Comments to the Fiorence® site

All our customers and visitors are cordially invited to send their comments, ideas, suggestions or any other information concerning the content of this site.

Fiorence®, its affiliates may freely reproduce, use and distribute such communications without limitation or obligation; however, if you so wish and inform us, your communications will be withdrawn from any use that Fiorence®, its affiliates or subsidiaries may give you at that time.


All content on this site is protected by the Federal Copyright Law, international copyright treaties and any applicable legislation that protects intellectual property in favor of Fiorence® against any current or future reproduction and technology.

As Fiorence® is the legitimate owner of the content, selection, coordination, modification and updating of the site, no third party unrelated to Fiorence® is authorized to modify, remove, delete, increase, publish, transmit, transfer or obtain any direct or indirect benefit through the exploitation part or all of our content.


Fiorence® and all logos are registered trademarks of Fiorence®. Logos, graphics or any other characteristic of these brands shall not be used with any other product or service that is not of those offered to the public by Fiorence® and that caused confusion among the consuming public or that would discredit Fiorence®.

Limit of liability

Use of stolen cards:

Fiorence® is not responsible for the use of credit cards reported as stolen, once the transaction has been authorized by the issuing bank. Fiorence® has no possibility of denying the sale when the user's data matches our records. The access code, password and credit card number are completely under the responsibility of the owner. There will be no bonus for fraudulent purchase.

Use of products:

Any use of the products purchased on our site is the full responsibility of the customer. Fiorence® does not accept any relationship and / or responsibility for any event that may arise from the use of the products purchased on our site. Once the products are delivered to the customer, he / she will be solely responsible for the proper use of the same.

Use of the site:

Fiorence® is released from any consequence derived from the use of our site. We accept no responsibility for the misuse of the network, or problems between third parties where we would like to be involved. This clause applies to those who consult our site outside Mexico and whose legal regulations vary from those applicable in Mexico.

Applicable laws

Since Fiorence® is a company incorporated in accordance with the legislation of the United States of Mexico, such legislation shall be applicable and competent courts of the City of Mexico, Federal District, in case of any type of controversy related to the use of the site

If there is any difference in the interpretation of terms and wording between the versions of this site, the Spanish version will be considered over any other version.

Knowledge and agreement

Consulting our site means that the user is aware of this agreement and accepts it. Any person interested in visiting Fiorence® is subject to the guidelines, rights and restrictions mentioned here. Fiorence® reserves the right to modify this document at the time and under the circumstances that suit you, these changes being in force at the time of publication.


Each time the customer fills the registration fields with personal data and / or sends a purchase order, Fiorence® uses the secure server system based on SSL ("Secure Socket Layer") which encrypts the information before being transmitted. With this we make sure that only Fiorence® can read the information sent.

You can easily recognize the use of the security system on our site, when the browser displays a small padlock on the bottom right of the screen, which indicates that the transaction is taking place under a totally secure environment.


At Fiorence® we take special care with the information of our clients. Each requested data allows us to continuously improve our service and attention.

Fiorence® puts the Internet sales service at your service.

In case you would like to make a purchase in this format, it will be necessary to record your general information: name, address and telephone number, e-mail account, credit card number and expiration date. This information allows us to create and process the order, track the order and inform you at all times your status.

How we use the information?

1. We monitor the traffic of the site and the usage patterns of our clients with the aim of constantly improving the design and distribution of products and services.

2. We keep record of all transactions made in our system, which allows us to significantly reduce fraud attempts of malicious users. (Check law)

3. We keep in constant contact with those customers who have decided to join our mailing list and news.

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